See why PGA Golf Pros choose GC2! The most accurate & reliable launch monitor choice

On The Range

Drive your game forward.

Lightweight and compact, the ultra-portable GC2 Smart Camera System travels easily to the golf course and practice range. Ready to deploy in seconds, the launch monitor delivers verifiably-accurate results in any terrain or lighting conditions. View shot results instantly on the onboard display. Or sync with your smartphone or tablet to review comprehensive shot data.

In the Studio

Golf Simulation Gets Real.

The same industry-leading technology that redefined performance analysis outdoors has also proven to be a game changer for indoor simulation. Powerful enough to drive the world’s most cutting-edge commercial simulation studios yet small enough for tight residential spaces, the GC2 is as flexible as it is accurate. Two high-speed, high-definition cameras give you a true measurement of performance without compromise, delivering the most realistic virtual golf experience possible.

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Practice. Play. Improve. And More.

Play the finest courses in the world in stunning 4K resolution. Build your skills as you compete against friends at home, at a driving range, or with others online. Our FSX Performance Software, combined with the power of the GC2, gives you the most true-to-life way to practice, play, and learn the game you love– and then some.

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92% of golfers custom-fit with a launch monitor see immediate benefit after buying new clubs

Club Fitting

Give it a swing.

Augmenting the expertise of your club fitter, the GC2 provides precise analytical output to help your club purchase decision. Hit a wide range of brands, models and customizations and clearly see which work best for you. Your informed decision can be based not solely on overall feel of a club, but also on the detailed data of how each club performed with your individual swing. It’s the club-fitting technology of choice for the industry's leading brands.

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Seeing is Believing

A Proven Game Changer

What makes Foresight Sports' technology the best choice for the games' leading professionals, top instructors, and avid golfers alike?  Visit our video page to discover why our GC2/HMT data is the ultimate key to unlocking your potential on the course.